Sicilia (Sicily) is an island region—the largest island in the Mediterranean—which almost touches the Italian peninsula’s toe (Calabria). Its capital and largest city is Palermo. Tourists know Sicilia for the beaches and Greek ruins of the south and east coasts, and its cuisine is world famous. In the wine world, Sicilia was once best known for the dessert wine Marsala, although today it is more prominent for the dry wines of Etna, as well as its large volume of everyday-drinking red and white wines. It has 1 DOCG, 23 DOCs (see map on this page), and 7 IGPs. Sicilia’s wine production has been shrinking as its focus moves away from bulk blending wines and toward higher quality, and in 2020, it was at the lowest level in many years at less than 4.5 million hl (49.6 million cases). Sicilia still has the most vineyard area of any Italian region—118,620 ha (293,000 acres)—though its production was well under half of Veneto’s quantity. The wine is still mostly IGP, but with the creation and promotion of Sicilia DOC, it has seen a strong surge at the DOP level, now representing almost 30% of production. The region’s featured grape varieties are Nero d’Avola and Grillo.

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