Aka Moscato di Alessandria (Muscat of Alexandria). Member of the large Muscat family of varieties; offspring of Moscato Bianco. Aromas & flavors: Apricot, orange blossom, lily of the valley, ginger, dried herbs; (sweet wines) orange jam, caramel, fig, raisin. Best DOP: Pantelleria DOC.

In a nutshell

Alternative Names and Subvarieties: Moscato d’Alessandria, Moscato di Alessandria, Moscato di Pantelleria; Moscatel de Alejandria (in Spain), Moscatel de Setubal (in Portugal), Muscat d'Alexandrie (in France), Muscat Gordo Blanco (in Australia), Muscat of Alexandria

Best Known For: Pantelleria

Where Grown: Almost exclusively in Sicilia (95%)


Vineyard Area: 1,521 ha (3,756 acres)

Denominations that use this grape variety

Majority Component in One or More Wines of:

Principal White Grape Varieties:

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