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Italian Wine Professional Certification Exam

One sitting of the Italian Wine Professional certification exam




The Italian Wine Professional™ is an advanced certification that recognizes individuals who understand the broad spectrum of Italian wines at the level of a well qualified industry professional. The certification program was developed by the education team at Italian Wine Central and is open to members of the trade and interested consumers.

The program evaluates candidates’ knowledge against a tightly curated set of standards that focuses on a solid comprehension of the large array of Italian wines and grape varieties that are seen on export markets. The program certifies individuals who have achieved a broad and deep understanding of all the classic, commercially significant, and up-and-coming Italian wines with a presence outside Italy, whether through employment, life experience, or academic study.

The program includes a videorecorded presentation and a 60-minute proctored online exam. Those who successfully demonstrate the required level of achievement are certified by Italian Wine Central as an Italian Wine Professional™ (IWP).

Elements of the IWP certification process:

  • Access to a practice exam and instructions on preparing the presentation video is immediate upon receipt of payment. The presentation must be submitted prior to the exam to count toward the final score.
  • The exam must be taken within 4 months of registration. Proctored exam appointments are typically available for a minimum of 10 days and a maximum of 60 days into the future.
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a printed certificate and recognition as an IWP—a certified Italian Wine Professional.

Exam cost: $395

Click here for FAQ and further details about the IWP exam.

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