Exploring Italian Wine + IWP Certification Exam Bundle

Italian Wine Central’s advanced course, along with one sitting of the Italian Wine Professional certification exam



This education package includes the Exploring Italian Wine™ course and one sitting of the Italian Wine Professional™ certification exam. Together, they form a university-level course of study for those who want to understand the broad spectrum of Italian wines, whether for their jobs or their own enjoyment. The program was developed by the education team at Italian Wine Central and is open to members of the trade and interested consumers.

The Exploring Italian Wine course includes a tightly curated curriculum that focuses on mastering the large array of Italian wines and grape varieties that are seen on export markets, leaving the obscure and rare wines for later study as needed. The goal is to develop individuals who are comfortable in their knowledge of all the classic, commercially significant, and up-and-coming styles of Italian wine with a presence outside Italy.

The eight-week curriculum culminates with a proctored online certification exam. Those who successfully pass the exam are certified by Italian Wine Central as an Italian Wine Professional (IWP).

Approximate hours to complete course: 32–48

Access to the course and exam:

  • Access to the course is immediate upon receipt of payment.
  • You will have access to the course and the opportunity to take the IWP exam for 6 months after registration. Course extensions may be purchased if desired.
  • Upon successful completion of the exam, you will receive a printed certificate and recognition as an IWP—a certified Italian Wine Professional.

Course-exam bundle cost: $595

Click here for FAQ and further details about the EIW course and here for more about the IWP exam.

To inquire about volume discounts and corporate rates for the Exploring Italian Wine and Italian Wine Professional exam bundle, contact

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