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A Virtual Christmas Tour Through Italy

To say the holiday season is a big deal for Italians might be an understatement. In addition to Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, other December holidays include Saint Stephen’s Day (Il giorno di Santo Stefano) on the 26th and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (Festa dell'Immacolata) on the 8th, which marks the beginning of […]

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The Big List of Italian Wines for Thanksgiving

As the weather begins to chill in the Northern hemisphere, thoughts turn to the first big holiday of the Fall season, and great meals with friends and family. The traditional Thanksgiving table however, with its often eclectic mix of dishes can sometimes be a puzzle when pairing wines. Fear not, there are lots of options from […]

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Celebrate Your Italian American Heritage — All Month!

That’s right, October is National Italian American Heritage Month. First celebrated in 1989, it was proclaimed by then President George H. W. Bush and endorsed with subsequent proclamations by Presidents Bill Clinton in 1993 and Barack Obama in 2010 and by Congress. It should not come as a surprise then that the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) celebrates […]

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Napa and Montalcino Become Sister Cities

Napa, in California’s Napa Valley, and Montalcino, the source of Brunello di Montalcino, have recently become sister cities, forging a bond between two of the world’s most famous wine towns.

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Myriad Sources of Rosato Wines in Italy

Italy is a great source for rosato (pink) wine, drawing on Italy’s unparalleled wealth of grape varieties. Important areas of rosato winemaking include . . .

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Buona Pasqua & Buona Pèsach

While traditional large meal gatherings will be nonexistent again in 2021, we pass along best wishes for small family gatherings to celebrate Easter or Passover, along with some wine suggestions.

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My Vinitaly Kaleidoscope

In a year without a Vinitaly—Italy’s huge, lavish annual wine trade fair—Geralyn Brostrom looks back on her 14 previous years at Vinitaly in this short ebook.

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April into May Events and Remembrances

Several significant national holidays and events are marked in Italy in April and May. Here are three.

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Regional Roundup: Basilicata and Calabria

Here’s an introduction to two rarely visited but fascinating Italian regions—Basilicata and Calabria—and some wines and attractions of note.

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