What our colleagues, students and readers are saying

Kristin Milles, Midwest Regional Manager, Dalla Terra Winery Direct

Your site is incredible! I visit it frequently and share it with my accounts and salespeople.

Jay Youmans, MW, IWP, Owner, Capital Wine School, Washington, DC

The IWP should be considered an essential credential for anyone that buys or sells Italian wine.

John Cataneo, IWP, New York, NY

Great website, reference materials, courses….it just goes on and on. I’m happy I got involved with Italian Wine Central.

Shiva Chaurasiya, Avid Italian Wine Central user

I use Italian Wine Central for anything related to Italian wine. They have mentioned every small thing we need to know at one place.

James R. Simons, Sales Rep, Upstate NY, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Really enjoyed the class. Very helpful for me out in the market and creating wine lists. Looking forward to putting the certificate on the wall!

Guido Orzalesi, General Manager, Castello La Leccia, Chianti Classico

Your website is the most current and complete site for information on Italian wine. When I need to check something, I go there first!

Christie Dufault, Wine and Beverage Instructor, Culinary Institute of America at Greystone

We are using Italian Wine Central as a study guide for our students in classes on the wines of Italy.

Octavia Monelli, Italian Wine Marketing Professional, Former Wine Director Il Fornaio

I use the website on my smartphone to double-check my facts while selling in the field. It’s a great resource. Thank you!

Kambrah Garland, Owner, The Vineyard at Florence, Florence, TX

I thought the course was absolutely fantastic!

Mary Jane Reiter, M4 Winery, Saratoga, CA

I thought the research project was worthwhile because it made you an active participant rather than a passive note taker.”

Andrew Chalk, Wine Writer, Dallas, TX

The format is the future of professional education: brief, targeted, online. . . . I will get 100 articles out of the material.

Tiy Bowton, CWAS, FWS, IWP Online Student

The course is great. In all my studies, I’ve never had Italy broken down into such an organized, understandable way. Kudos to you and your team.

James Kerr, IWP, Blasted Church Vineyards, Penticton, BC, Canada

Thank you very much [for my results]! It has been a pleasure, and it is a great program.

Tara Schulze, Chain Account Executive, No. CA, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

Thank you so much, this was such a great experience, incredibly challenging but really enjoyable at the same time!

Nick Poletto, Director of Education, Kobrand Wine & Spirits

This site is incredible, and something that has been in dire need for a long time! I use this kind of information all the time. . . . Finally—a website that is one source that has correct information! Well done.

Bill Nesto, MW, Senior Lecturer at Boston University, and Author of The World of Sicilian Wine

As a wine educator for college students, members of the beverage trade, and consumers, I need a source of up-to-date, accurate, and unbiased information about the Italian wine industry. Italian Wine Central is that source.

Paolo Librandi, Librandi Winery, Cirò Marina, Calabria

Ho visitato per bene il tuo nuovo sito e l’ho trovato molto ben fatto. . . . È capillare: in pratica c’è tutto e può essere usato come una enciclopedia! In più si possono approcciare le varie informazioni in modo completo . . . Complimenti! L’ho già messo nell’elenco dei siti preferiti e ne farò senz’altro uso.

Kathy Morgan, MS, IWP, Director of Education, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, New York

I am proud to teach the IWP class and I highly recommend the course. The materials (presentation, maps, workbook) are outstanding. Students also have the opportunity to taste 8-12 high quality wines in each class, which can be challenging to do on your own.

Peter Marks, MW, Vice President of Education, Napa Valley Wine Academy, Napa, CA

Italian wine novices and aficionados alike will cherish Into Italian Wine: The Italian Wine Professional Certification Course. This indispensable book is beautifully organized with easy-to-understand text, vivid photos, detailed maps, pronunciation guides and applicable exercises to make learning memorable and fun. I know of no better guide covering the amazing wines and regions of Italy. Bravo!

Chris Oggenfuss, DWS, IWP, FWS, WSET Certified, CEO, Napa Valley Wine Academy, Napa, CA

The IWP is one of the best-designed wine education programs available today. The course was clearly conceived by a team that recognizes the importance of pedagogy in course design and uses it to elevate students’ understanding of a complex subject.

Claire Hennessy, Importer - Italian Portfolio Director, Vintus Wines, New York

I am enjoying the course – it’s extremely comprehensive and the information is presented so clearly. I’ve studied Italian wine with other organizations, and I lived in Florence for ten years, and this program is SO useful and straightforward.

Alessandra Diana, Distributor Sales - Italian and Import Wine Specialist, American Wine & Spirits/Southern Wine & Spirits, San Francisco, CA

I really enjoyed reading the book. I found it concise, informative, and to the point. I loved the pronunciation part and the layout. I think it’s perfect for somebody that needs to . . . get an in-depth look at Italian wines.

Lucy Herrera, Twin Liquors, Austin, TX

This course was wonderful! A lot of great information. Would definitely recommend it! . . . Now I completely understand the regions and grapes, especially when reading the wine bottles.

Emily Edeen, Canlis Restaurant, Seattle, WA

I appreciate the way IWP distills the information down to its most important features, which is always something I have struggled with when studying Italy. I've gone back and revisited some of the exercises just to cement those details in a little more which I have found to be extremely helpful.

Bob Becker, Winery/Sales - Hess Collection Winery, Napa, CA

This course has caused me to study Italian wines more intensely then I ever have. I have been working at wineries in Napa Valley for 14 years and now will feel far more confident about my discussions on certain Italian wine varietals, regions, and DOCGs.

Kurt Garbars, Wine Education Institute, Denver, CO

Great course. The online material was some of the best I have ever seen. . . . I enjoyed the format of the exam. It really made you know your stuff. In addition, it was fair with no trick questions.


Presentation day was easily the best day of the IWP program. The excitement each person had for their topic was infectious and it was easy to stay engaged and learn from each other.

Alfonso Cevola, On the Wine Trail in Italy

. . . a no-drama approach to learning more about Italian wine. Do you need to know about the grapes, the appellations, upcoming changes, the real grit of Italian wine laws? Look here first. When I’m looking for more information in the English language, Italian Wine Central is my first stop.

Augusto Marchini, Former Assistant Trade Commissioner, Italian Trade Agency, New York

The website . . . looks quite impressive . . . really a great resource of information.

Amr S. Elnashai, Vice President/Vice Chancellor for Research and Tech Transfer, University of Houston/University of Houston System, Houston, TX

With regard to the Discovering Italian Wine course, I thought that it was just outstanding... Shortly after the end of the course, we made quite a significant order from the wines we tasted.

Luciano Nesi, Chef, sommelier and restaurant owner at L’Opera Restaurant Group, Manila, The Philippines. Italian native!

I would recommend the Italian Wine Professional course because it is “the most effective course for aspiring Italian wines connoisseurs. . . . As a sommelier, educator, and restaurateur, it refreshed and added additional in-depth notions about the ever-changing world of wines. I will make use of the additional knowhow through themed dinners, presentations, short courses, etc.

Lisa Boissier, Winery/Wine Educator - J. Lohr Vineyards & Wines, San Jose, CA

I have definitely incorporated Italian wines into my monthly wine education classes wherever possible, and that’s often! . . . I’m now always on the lookout for a good Italian wine and feel very confident in ordering. . . . I would recommend [the IWP course] to someone if they had a specific interest in Italian wines or were studying for the CSW exam. Great overview.

Account Executive, Colangelo & Partners Communications Agency, New York, NY

Especially for trade reps in a sales position, this is a great way to expand and/or improve upon existing knowledge in a controlled academic environment. It's satisfying to have your knowledge measured and documented in a tangible way, in this case with an IWP certification.

Account Executive, Colangelo & Partners Communications Agency, New York, NY

It is important to understand the regional differences in Italian wine and the DOP system. This course was very helpful for learning this information. The information I learned in this course will be useful for talking to clients in professional settings and educating consumers at tastings.

Account Executive, Colangelo & Partners Communications Agency, New York, NY

The knowledge I've gained through this course has increased my confidence when speaking with more advanced wine professionals and with clients. I work with many Italian wine clients, and my understanding of their products and frustrations is now deeper, therefore helping me to better execute my responsibilities.

Michael Markarian, Sommelier, Certified IWP, Gaiole in Chianti and Washington, DC

I thought the organization of the course materials, with reds by northern, central, and southern, and whites by coastal and inland, was very useful and a good way to understand Italian wine. . . . I thought the exam was the right mix of different types of questions. . . . As a wine consumer, I found the information extremely valuable and it adds to my enjoyment of Italian wine, cuisine, and travel.

Mindy Foster Mason, Twisted Sippers, Salt Lake City, UT

I am passionate about Italy and Italian wines and have wanted to find a course that would teach me more about them for some time now. I feel confident in my ability to discuss Italian wines and Italian wine regions after taking this course. I plan on doing more Italian inspired wine education events with my knowledge gained from this course.

Carmine DeLuca, Silver Spring, MD

After taking the course, “I am much more selective and open to experimenting with my wine purchases; I've become more discerning and willing to try unknown producers based on grape variety or region when I buy Italian wine. . . . I think the course has helped me select wine to cellar—certainly more so than before I took the course.

Bill Teefy, Retailer / Wine Shop - Doc’s Wine Shop, Hayward, CA

The breadth of knowledge is really helpful in preparing one to understand where to begin in researching, discussing, and planning programs involving Italian wine. I found after taking the course that I ask better questions when interacting with producers from Italy. I am also better at looking over a wholesaler’s or distributor’s list and selecting wines from their catalog to taste. This is very helpful in focusing on wines that suit my quality standards while fitting a price-point and flavor profile that benefit my customers. I feel very comfortable at tasting events like Benvenuto Brunello, Slow Wine, and in luncheons and visits with producers.

Vince DiPino, Bin 604 Wine Sellers, Baltimore, MD

Taking the IWP certification was the best decision of my life. . . . At the Italian restaurant I bartended in college, I got to learn a lot more about the diverse range of Italian wine and grapes, but it wasn’t until I took this course where it all made sense. [The course] made so much sense and provided me an easy path to continue studying Italy going forward. . . . I can definitely say that finding amazing wines has become a lot easier since taking this course. . . . I would suggest this course to anyone who’s serious about taking their novice Italian wine knowledge to a much more comfortable level.

Daniel French, Restaurant/Sommelier - A16, San Francisco

I enjoyed every second of the course, and am happy to have demystified a lot of Italy for myself. . . . Italy sometimes seems the most daunting to new sommeliers. This course is a great way to demystify Italy and take it head-on. . . . Working on the floor of an Italian restaurant, I have guests sometimes ask for wines that taste like a particular region that we don't represent. Having studied and tasted all through Italy in this course, now I have a better grasp on the regions we don't represent at my restaurant.

Jess Helfand, Wine Educator & Blogger - Bottle Babble, Nashville, TN

I now have a solid foundation of Italian wine regions and laws. . . . I felt when studying WSET Unit 3 (light wines) that I wasn't able to put nearly as much work into Italy as I did other regions, in large part because it was so big and expansive and, frankly, confusing. . . . I definitely feel like I have a good foundation now, where the IWP was able to fill in the missing gaps. . . . For someone who is looking for a solid foundation in Italian wine, this was a great class.

Ray O’Mara, Capital Wine School, Washington, DC

Grouping the wines by color and broad geographic areas resulted in revisiting specific regions more than once (based on the various types of wine produced), which helped reinforce the particulars of each region.  This approach, coupled with the workbook exercises, made it easier for me to retain what I had learned. As an educator, the course has enabled me to discuss Italian wines with much greater authority and confidence. I have enthusiastically recommended the course to my students at Capital Wine School and will continue to do so.

Leonardo LoCascio, Founder, Winebow Inc.

I have always felt that drinking wine without context is like visiting a country without having any idea of where you have landed. There may be impressions, even lasting ones, but they eventually become foggy in our memory. The course book for the Italian Wine Professional, Into Italian Wine, provides just such context to Italian wines: the book is packed with references. The Italian Wine Professional course provides an excellent and complete road map with which to navigate the world of Italian wines, from its very useful explanations of the terminology through the intricacies of the Italian and EU appellation laws... Into Italian Wine and the Italian Wine Professional course are the perfect way to achieve the comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of all the major Italian wine regions and grape varieties essential for anyone selling, buying or drinking Italian wine.

Kristina Sazama, Wine Educator for Santa Margarita USA

The Italian Wine Professional is the second of two levels in Italian Wine Central’s education program, which is made available online several times a year (via Napa Valley Wine Academy). Once you register for the course, you’ll receive a physical textbook and join an online group where you can access eight weekly webinars and discuss the lessons with your classmates. The course is self-paced, but the weekly webinars and regular reminders will keep you on track. There is no required tasting portion (bummer, but I took the online course), but they do have flights that they recommend for each of the eight units that are commercially relevant. Full Review Here.

Dorothy S. Livick, Restaurant/Wine Buyer - Tazza Kitchen, Richmond, VA

The IWP course has helped me tremendously in my job as a wholesale wine buyer for a restaurant group. When examining supplier’s portfolios, I now have a clearer understanding of the various Italian denominations and some idea of what to expect when I taste the wines.  I am far more comfortable engaging in conversation about Italian wines with suppliers, distributors, colleagues, and most importantly, customers. And the Italian Wine Central website is the first place I look when confronted with a DOC or grape variety that I don't recognize. Incredibly helpful!

Rick Cusker, Vinitaly International Ambassador and educator and wine judge, Pittsford, NY

I have already recommended the IWP course to several people with whom I have taken the CSW, WSET, and Sommelier courses, because those courses generally cover Italian wines at only an introductory level, focusing on only the most familiar and most popular Italian wines. With the growing interest in Italian wines in the U.S. and more styles of Italian wines becoming available, I would highly recommend the IWP course to anyone interested in learning about the many Italian wine regions, indigenous grapes, and styles of Italian wines at a professional level. . . . This course should be a prerequisite for wine professionals who make up restaurant wine lists or make recommendations to customers in a wine shop.

H. Lindsey Parris, Educator at Capital Wine School, Washington, DC

A superb course. . . . The sequence of topics and emphasis on geographic influences (including the excellent maps) were reinforcing and succeeded in building a base level of reference that will make for easier recall long after the ‘studying’ effects have worn off. The balance among all the key elements was exceptionally well conceived and executed. . . . Both online and hard-copy materials were exceptional. . . . The breadth of information contained in the online materials was extraordinary, comprehensive, and useful, the maps were clear and well done, the coverage of additional information on key grapes comprehensive. . . . I especially appreciated the inventive nature of much of the exam, which required integrative thinking and relating topics covered in the subject matter, rather than pure single-word-answer multiple choice. . . . This exam was creative without being rote. . . . [The course] helped solidify and organize information on Italy and its wines that I had studied in previous wine courses (WSET Diploma, especially), as well as expand and update my knowledge in some of the areas that may not have been emphasized as heavily in those courses.

Barbara Hartman, Travel Organizer, Henderson, NV

The information and resources online are extremely helpful and detailed for this course. Italy has so many wonderful grapes that cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and it would be impossible to cover them all. Therefore, I like the fact that the course focuses on some of the most planted, major grape varieties and covers the regions by north–central–south (reds) and coastal as well as higher elevation (whites). This gives a full perspective of such a varied country. . . . I liked that the exam consisted not only of multiple-choice questions but had several distinct sections requiring different ways to answer. One of my favorite parts was the restaurant list, as this is something everyone can relate to. . . . I took this course for personal enrichment and was incredibly happy to get such detailed information on the subject. Everyone interested in Italian wines—but certainly everyone working with Italian wines—should deepen their knowledge base with this course. . . . This course has opened my eyes to so many wines that I was already familiar with but never knew any details about, hence I will appreciate them more and hopefully find nuances among them. With my newly acquired information, I am also looking forward to sampling some wines I never had or heard of before. The course has definitely broadened my horizon of and deepened and intensified my knowledge on a huge, interesting, and intriguing subject. . . . In closing, I would like to thank you for a great course and rest assured that I was extremely happy with every aspect of it from beginning to end. I never dreamed that I would learn so much about Italian wines in such a short amount of time.

John Walker, iNostriAmici Società del Vino

As an aficionado of Italian wine, I was very excited to learn more, and after evaluating several options I chose to further my knowledge of Italian wine through the Italian Wine Professional program. The course was excellent. The website is very easy to use, highly interactive, and loaded with incredible amounts of information. The course was well structured and organized, and the information that I learned has given me a superb basis in understanding the complexity of Italian wine. The study materials were extremely helpful in test preparation. The testing process was seamless. I would highly recommend this course and Italian Wine Central to anyone who desires to enhance their knowledge of Italian wine.
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