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The Big List of Italian Wines for Thanksgiving

As the weather begins to chill in the Northern hemisphere, thoughts turn to the first big holiday of the Fall season, and great meals with friends and family. The traditional Thanksgiving table however, with its often eclectic mix of dishes can sometimes be a puzzle when pairing wines. Fear not, there are lots of options from […]

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Celebrate Your Italian American Heritage — All Month!

That’s right, October is National Italian American Heritage Month. First celebrated in 1989, it was proclaimed by then President George H. W. Bush and endorsed with subsequent proclamations by Presidents Bill Clinton in 1993 and Barack Obama in 2010 and by Congress. It should not come as a surprise then that the National Italian American Foundation (NIAF) celebrates […]

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On the Horizon

This regularly updated post lists some of the more significant proposals for new official Italian wine-producing areas or changes to the rules of production for existing denominations.

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Napa and Montalcino Become Sister Cities

Napa, in California’s Napa Valley, and Montalcino, the source of Brunello di Montalcino, have recently become sister cities, forging a bond between two of the world’s most famous wine towns.

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Chianti Classico to Put New Vigor into Gran Selezione

Subzones are proposed that will allow individual areas to assert their own identities, along with other key changes to the top-tier Gran Selezione level.

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How to Make Your Wine Education Last Beyond the Final Exam

Here’s why we encourage our students to space out while studying Italian wine. . . .

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Myriad Sources of Rosato Wines in Italy

Italy is a great source for rosato (pink) wine, drawing on Italy’s unparalleled wealth of grape varieties. Important areas of rosato winemaking include . . .

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Pignoletto III: The Rise of Emilia-Romagna

The third and perhaps final installment in the dramatic Pignoletto denomination trilogy is reportedly in post-production and could be in wine shops later this year.

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Wine in the Year of Covid

OIV’s global wine report shows production was strong in 2020 while covid cut consumption and exports. And the idea of China as the savior for exporters now looks illusory.

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