Frequently called, but unrelated to, Bonarda, Uva Rara, or even Nebbiolo. High in color and tannin. Aromas & flavors: Red fruit (raspberry), ripe black cherry. Best DOP: Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese.

In a nutshell

Alternative Names and Subvarieties: Bonarda (Croatina is locally known as Bonarda in some locations, especially in Oltrepò Pavese, but is not the same as the Bonarda of Piemonte)

Best Known For: Blending grape in north-central Italy

Where Grown: Primarily in Lombardia (66%) and Emilia-Romagna (26%)

Vineyard Area: 5,684 ha (14,040 acres)

Denominations that use this grape variety

Majority Component in One or More Wines of:

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