One of Italy’s greatest white varieties. Also one of its oldest, related to many other varieties (Albana, Catarratto, Marzemina Bianca, and Trebbiano Toscana, among others). Has many biotypes, including Grecanico Dorato. Steely, minerally, ageworthy. Aromas & flavors: White flowers, apricot, citrus, yellow apple, hay. Best DOPs: Soave DOC/G, Gambellara DOC.

In a nutshell

Alternative Names and Subvarieties: D’Oro, Garganego, Oro

Best Known For: Soave

Where Grown: Almost exclusively in Veneto (95%)

Vineyard Area: 11,292 ha (27,891 acres)

Denominations that use this grape variety

Majority Component in One or More Wines of:

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