Low in acidity and high in tannin. Earlier ripening than Barbera or Nebbiolo. Aromas & flavors: “Grapey,” blueberry, black currant, violet, orange peel, black tea. Best DOPs: Dogliani (most floral and powerful), Dolcetto d’Alba (fullest bodied), Diano d’Alba (in between); in Liguria, Ormeasco di Pornassio.

In a nutshell

Alternative Names and Subvarieties: Ormeasco

Best Known For: Light- to medium-bodied Piemontese red wines

Where Grown: Almost exclusively in Piemonte (98%)

Vineyard Area: 6,128 ha (15,137 acres)

Denominations that use this grape variety

Majority Component in One or More Wines of:

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