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Online Course Content HighlightsChianti zone map

  • Italy’s major grape varieties and their growing regions presented by style, with original color maps
  • Italy’s most important denominations available in the market, plus up-and-coming regions & wines
  • Italian wine labeling conventions and how they fit into EU law
  • Italian language pronunciation exercises
  • Grape variety profiles, plus comprehensive workbook exercises
  • Interactive online quizzes and practice exam

This is a sampling of some of the lessons that comprise the online component of the Italian Wine Professional certification course.

Registration is not required for this preview.

The lessons include an introductory page for each of the eight units, followed by one or two of the topics covered in that unit. In this sample set, the topics are accessible in any order, so you can go through them from start to finish by clicking on Unit 1 in the list below, or skip around using the navigation menu at right. The quiz at the end of this preview course can be taken as a pretest beforehand or as an end-of-unit evaluation of your understanding of the material presented.

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