Fiano di Avellino DOCG

Fiano di Avellino See Campania map, ref #2
History: Established as a DOC in 1978; became a DOCG in 2003
Vineyard Area: 411 ha / 1,015 acres (2018)
Production: 15,800 hl / 175,600 cases (2018)
Principal White Grape Varieties: Fiano
Styles and Wine Composition:
  • Bianco (Wh): Minimum 85% Fiano; maximum 15% Coda di Volpe, Greco, and/or Trebbiano
  • Riserva (Bianco)

Significant Production Rules:
  • Minimum alcohol level: 11.5% for Bianco; 12.0% for Riserva
  • Aging: For Riserva, minimum 1 year (ERD = November 1, V+1)

Last Disciplinare Modification: 10/13/2020

Note: The term “Apianum” which may appear on the label is an ancient name for the region where this wine is produced, not a style or subregion.