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On the Horizon

This periodically updated post lists some of the more significant proposals for new official Italian wine-producing areas or changes to the rules of production for existing denominations.

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UGAs: How to Carve and Serve a Denomination

Unità geografiche aggiuntive (UGAs) are geographical subdivisions within denominations that you may see on labels. Here is a summary of what UGAs were, are, and are not.

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Abruzzo Denominations Introduce Subzones

The four region-level denominations in Abruzzo have each added four subzones and made a variety of other changes to their rules.

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Wine in the Year of Covid

OIV’s global wine report shows production was strong in 2020 while covid cut consumption and exports. And the idea of China as the savior for exporters now looks illusory.

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Raising the Bardolino: Three New Subzones for Bardolino Rosso

New rules for Bardolino DOC in April 2021 have introduced, among other innovations, three subzones for red Bardolino that will define a premier level of wines with longer aging and stricter requirements.

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Rosy Future for Prosecco

It’s common for a sparkling wine region to make both white and rosé versions, but the world’s favorite, Prosecco, has only been white—until now.

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Italy and the EU Faced Off Over the DOCG, and the EU Blinked, Twice

European Union wine laws made no room for Italy’s DOCG quality level, but that hasn’t stopped the Italians from promoting its DOCGs and even making new ones.

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Evolution in Chianti Classico

Gran Selezione and New Labeling Terms Posted June 11, 2015 For a three-century-old denomination, a lot has been going on in Chianti Classico lately. Much of the activity follows from a major scientific study known as Chianti Classico 2000, which spent 16 years (1987–2003) doing experiments in the vineyards to determine what “best practices” means […]

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Crus for Chianti Classico?

Posted May 19, 2015 Fresh from creating a new quality level (gran selezione) for their wines, the producers of Chianti Classico are now contemplating another way to distinguish the best of their wines from the rest of the pack. Taking a cue from Barolo, Barbaresco, and a few other regions, Chianti Classico is thinking about […]

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