On the Horizon

This periodically updated post lists some of the more significant proposals for new official Italian wine-producing areas or changes to the rules of production for existing denominations.

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UGAs: How to Carve and Serve a Denomination

Unità geografiche aggiuntive (UGAs) are geographical subdivisions within denominations that you may see on labels. Here is a summary of what UGAs were, are, and are not.

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Canelli DOCG Spins Off from Asti DOCG

The Canelli subzone of Asti DOCG has been granted separate DOCG status for its Moscato d’Asti–style wines, becoming Piedmont’s 19th DOCG and Italy’s 77th.

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Chianti Classico Adopts Subareas and a New Blend

Chianti Classico DOCG has introduced UGAs that will soon be seen on many labels and will change the Sangiovese requirement for Gran Selezione.

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Abruzzo Denominations Introduce Subzones

The four region-level denominations in Abruzzo have each added four subzones and made a variety of other changes to their rules.

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Regional Roundup: Piedmont, Part 2 — Monferrato Area

An overview of the provinces of Asti and Alessandria in Piedmont, heartland of Barbera, Moscato, and much more.

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Napa and Montalcino Become Sister Cities

Napa, in California’s Napa Valley, and Montalcino, the source of Brunello di Montalcino, have recently become sister cities, forging a bond between two of the world’s most famous wine towns.

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Chianti Classico to Put New Vigor into Gran Selezione

Subzones are proposed that will allow individual areas to assert their own identities, along with other key changes to the top-tier Gran Selezione level.

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How to Make Your Wine Education Last Beyond the Final Exam

Here’s why we encourage our students to space out while studying Italian wine. . . .

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