Romagna Albana DOCG

Region: Emilia-Romagna


History: Established as a DOC in 1967; became a DOCG as Albana di Romagna in 1987; name changed to Romagna Albana in 2011

Vineyard Area: 282 ha / 697 acres (2019)

Production: 5,980 hl / 66,400 cases (5-year average)

Principal White Grape Varieties:

Styles and Wine Composition

  • Bianco (Wh, WhSw): Minimum 95% Albana + OAWG
  • Passito (WhSw): Minimum 95% Albana + OAWG
  • Riserva (Passito)

Significant Production Rules

  • For Passito and Passito Riserva, grapes may be dried on the vine and harvested once they reach a minimum sugar level of 284 g/l (28.4%)
  • If grapes for Passito and Passito Riserva are harvested below the required sugar level, they must be air-dried to achieve the minimum sugar level of 284 g/l (28.4%); the drying period may last as long as March 30, V+1
  • Passito Riserva must be affected by botrytis
  • Minimum alcohol level: 12.0% for Bianco secco; 12.5% (potential) for Bianco amabile and Bianco dolce; 17.0% (potential) for Passito; 24.0% (potential) for Passito Riserva
  • Residual sugar: Minimum 70 g/l (7.0%) for Bianco dolce
  • Aging: For Passito, minimum approx. 5–10 months (ERD = September 1, V+1); for Passito Riserva, minimum approx. 8–13 months (ERD = December 1, V+1)

Last Disciplinare Modification:


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