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IGP Sillaro / Bianco del Sillaro

Region: Emilia Romagna


History: Established in 1995

Vineyard Area: 50 ha / 124 acres (2018)

Production: 1,450 hl / 16,110 cases (2018)

Principal White Grape Varieties:

Styles and Wine Composition

  • Bianco (Wh, WhFr, WhSw, WhFrSw): Minimum 70% Albana + OANWG
  • Novello (Bianco)

Significant Production Rules

  • Zone of production: 10 communes in the province of Bologna, 16 in Forlì-Cesena, 7 in Ravenna, and 4 in Rimini
  • Minimum alcohol level: 10.0% except 11.0% for Novello
  • Aging: No minimums specified

Last Disciplinare Modification:


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