IGP Castelfranco Emilia

History: Established as IGT Bianco di Castelfranco Emilia in 1995; modified and renamed in 2013
Vineyard Area: 47 ha / 116 acres (2018)
Production: 5,910 hl / 65,670 cases (2018)
Principal White Grape Varieties: Montù, Moscato, Trebbiano
Styles and Wine Composition:
  • Bianco (Wh, WhFr, WhSw, WhFrSw): Minimum 60% Montù + OANWG
  • Varietals (Wh, WhFr, WhSw, WhFrSw): Minimum 85% Moscato or Trebbiano + OAWG
  • Dual varietals (Wh, WhFr, WhSw, WhFrSw): 50–85% Moscato or Trebbiano; 15–50% of other variety
  • Mosto di Uve Parzialmente Fermentato (WhFrSw): Same as Bianco or varietals

Significant Production Rules:
  • Zone of production: 20 communes in the provinces of Bologna and Modena
  • Minimum alcohol level: 1.0% for Mosto di Uve Parzialmente Fermentato (10.0% potential); 10.0% for frizzante wines; 10.5% for still wines
  • Maximum alcohol level: For Mosto di Uve Parzialmente Fermentato, three fifths of the potential alcohol (i.e., 6.0% or higher)
  • Aging: No minimums specified

Last Disciplinare Modification: 11/12/2013

Note: Until 2013, this IGP was called Bianco di Castelfranco Emilia and allowed only the Montù-based Bianco.