au·toch·tho·nous | adjective | \ȯ-ˈtäk-thə-nəs\ : indigenous, native; formed or originating in the place where found
These are grape varieties that originated in Italy or have taken on distinct characteristics after having been grown in Italy for centuries.

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Lagrein Full bodied, darkly colored, with sometimes harsh, bitter tannins. Aromas & flavors: Blackberry, black plum, black tea, orange peel, cocoa. Offspring of Teroldego.
Lambrusca di Alessandria
Lambrusco A family of about 8 related varieties, one of Italy’s oldest. Primary family members:
  • Lambrusco di Sorbara: Light bodied, high in acidity. Aromas & flavors: Violet, red currant, strawberry.
  • Lambrusco Grasparossa (di Castelvetro): Full bodied, tannic. Aromas & flavors: Ripe black cherry, dark plum, sometimes almond.
  • Lambrusco Maestri: Aromas & flavors: Plum, black cherry, chocolate, violet, bubblegum.
  • Lambrusco Marani: Tannic. Aromas & flavors: Violet, iris, peony, black currant, red cherry.
  • Lambrusco Salamino: Midway between Grasparossa and Sorbara; moderately tannic. Aromas & flavors: Violet, rose, red berries.
  • Lambrusco Viadanese: Aka Lambrusco Mantovano.