Why Italy Is Important in the Wine World

Italian flagWhy is Italy important in the wine world? For starters, it is the world’s largest producer of wine. After a very poor harvest in 2014 reduced Italy’s output to second after France, the 2015 harvest reestablished Italy in its customary role of making more wine than any other country. It is also perennially the world’s largest exporter of wine by volume and the second largest exporter by value after France.

Furthermore, Italy has the third largest vineyard acreage for winegrapes of any country (after Spain and France) and is the largest source of imported wine in the United States by volume and by value.

Beyond the numbers, Italy has a key historical position in the establishment of vineyards throughout Europe, and it is the producer of many distinctive wines with no real equivalent outside Italy. And given the prominence of Italian cuisine in restaurants and kitchens around the world, the wines of Italy that developed alongside this food are constantly in demand.

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