Italian Wine Central™ Education Programs

Italian Wine Central, the leading English-language source of information about wine production in Italy, offers two educational courses that help learners understand the broad range of Italian wines seen in export markets around the world.

Level 1. Discovering Italian Wine™ is Italian Wine Central’s foundation-level certificate program for those who are new to Italian wine or whose experience is limited to just a handful of wines. This course introduces two dozen of Italy’s grape varieties that are most often seen on wine labels and more than 40 wine-producing areas that are widely exported. It is available online.

For more information about the IWC Level 1 course, Discovering Italian Wine, click here.

Level 2. The Italian Wine Professional™ (IWP) is the upper-level certification course, which takes students from a knowledge of the basics and broadens and deepens that knowledge to include less well-known wines from all over Italy. This course describes more than 80 grape varieties and over 100 wine-producing areas, going into more detail than the Level 1 course and adding cultural context with discussions of language, history, geography, and cuisine. Graduates of this program are certified as Italian Wine Professionals. It is available online and at provider schools in several locations.

For more information about the IWC Level 2 course, the Italian Wine Professional, click here.

The IWP course is also available as a standalone book, Into Italian Wine, which is included with the full IWP course but is also sold separately online.

Click here to learn more about the Into Italian Wine book series.