The Into Italian Wine Book Series

Italian Wine Central is proud to offer two versions of its educational Into Italian Wine manual—the Professional Edition for serious students of wine and the Enthusiast Edition for those who want to know more about Italian wine but are not pursuing any more formal wine courses or programs.

The Into Italian Wine Professional Edition is the book that accompanies the Italian Wine Professional (IWP) course. It is included in the price of the IWP course, so students in that course will get one automatically. Students in the Level 1 course Discovering Italian Wine may want to purchase a copy of the book for themselves as a more advanced study resource and reference book. Those who are highly self-motivated and/or on a tight budget may choose to buy Into Italian Wine and follow the course as a self-study program equivalent to the IWP; they may subsequently register to take the IWP exam for an additional fee, if desired.

The Professional Edition of Into Italian Wine covers generally the same material as the IWP online course, except that it does not include access to the online forum, quizzes, instructor access, or the IWP exam. The book does contain many of the images and maps of the online course, along with the unit exercises. In addition, the book’s appendix contains a synopsis of relevant information about Italian wine denominations from the Italian Wine Central website as a handy reference.

The Into Italian Wine Enthusiast Edition is a less expensive, less academic version intended for those who want to learn about a wider array of Italian wines but are not interested in a wine credential. It introduces readers to the majority of exported Italian wines as well as giving context about Italy and its language, cuisine, and culture. The Enthusiast Edition parallels the Professional Edition but does not include exercises, quizzes, or reference materials of the full course.

Both versions of Into Italian Wine are the most current books about Italian wine in print. They are continually updated as the landscape of Italian wine changes. Because Into Italian Wine is a print-on-demand product, the book is almost as up to date as the Italian Wine Central website itself at the time of printing.

The list price of the Professional Edition is $49; click here to purchase. The Enthusiast Edition is priced at $29; click here to purchase. Volume discounts are available for businesses.