Congratulations to the IWP Class of 2020

By Italian Wine Central Staff
March 26, 2021

We’re proud to congratulate the individuals who achieved the Italian Wine Professional (IWP) credential in 2020. They chose to challenge themselves in what was clearly a challenging year!

Developed by the education team at Italian Wine Central, the Italian Wine Professional certification recognizes those with an advanced level of knowledge about the fascinating yet demanding panorama of Italian wine. The evaluation includes a submitted video presentation and an online exam covering commercially relevant topics related to Italian wine. Together, these elements go beyond merely testing candidates’ recall of facts—the IWP exam assesses candidates’ understanding of key concepts that demonstrate a professional standing.

Thoughtfully developed to be as engaging and dynamic as possible, the exam tests the practical knowledge needed in the real world as a wine professional. Students are challenged with a mix of question formats such as multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, map identification, and short answer.

“I especially appreciated the inventive nature of much of the exam, which required integrative thinking and relating topics covered in the subject matter, rather than pure single-word-answer multiple choice. . . . This exam was creative without being rote.”

H. Lindsey Parris, Educator at the Capital Wine School in Washington, DC

IWPs represent a variety of roles in the wine industry, including sommeliers, distributors, journalists, educators, winery staff, and more. The program attracts students from around the world. In 2020, successful IWP candidates came from all over the US as well as 10 other countries: Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Macau, South Africa, Taiwan, Trinidad, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

Congratulations again to the certified Italian Wine Professionals who passed this rigorous program in 2020 and are now listed in the IWP directory.

To learn more about IWP certification and how to become a member of our next round of graduates, click here.

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