“White” grapes can range in color from yellow to green to light pink when ripe. The wine made from them is called white wine, even though it is never actually white but rather transparent with more or less yellow coloration, sometimes with a greenish tinge. With age or oak contact, white wines become more amber to brown.

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Trebbiano Grapes-TrebbianoProlific group of several unrelated varieties, all white. The only related ones are (1) Trebbiano Abruzzese and Trebbiano Spoletino and (2) Trebbiano di Lugana and Trebbiano di Soave (which are really Verdicchio). Primary varieties:
  • Trebbiano Abruzzese: The highest-quality Trebbiano (apart from the ones that are actually Verdicchio). High acidity. Aromas & flavors: White flowers, peach, citrus.
  • Trebbiano Toscano: The most planted type of Trebbiano. Same as Ugni Blanc, the grape of Cognac in France. High in acidity. Aromas & flavors: Generally neutral; can be delicately herbal and lemony.
Read more about the genetic relationships here.