“White” grapes can range in color from yellow to green to light pink when ripe. The wine made from them is called white wine, even though it is never actually white but rather transparent with more or less yellow coloration, sometimes with a greenish tinge. With age or oak contact, white wines become more amber to brown.

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Garganega Grapes-GarganegaOne of Italy’s greatest white varieties. Also one of its oldest, related to many other varieties (Albana, Catarratto, Marzemina Bianca, and Trebbiano Toscana, among others). Has many biotypes, including Grecanico Dorato. Steely, minerally, ageworthy. Aromas & flavors: White flowers, apricot, citrus, yellow apple, hay. Best DOPs: Soave DOC/G, Gambellara DOC.
Glera Two distinct but related varieties: Glera Tondo (the most common) and Glera Lunga—both interplanted in vineyards and blended into Prosecco. High in acidity. Aromas & flavors: Buttercup, green apple, white peach. Best DOP: Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco DOCG (esp. Cartizze subzone).
Grecanico Dorato
Grecanico Dorato A biotype of Garganega. Best DOP: Alcamo DOC.
Grechetto Two unrelated varieties: Grechetto di Orvieto and Grechetto di Todi (aka Grechetto Gentile or Rèbola). Todi is the better of the two, but both are often mixed in Grechetto wines. Light bodied; high in acidity. Aromas & flavors: Lemon, white flowers, chamomile, lime, yellow apple, anise. Best DOPs: Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto DOCG, Colli Martani DOC.
Greco Group of a dozen unrelated varieties, including some red ones. Most important:
  • Greco: Campanian variety. Wines are full bodied, oily, tannic; deep yellow. Ageworthy. Aromas & flavors: Yellow flowers, honey, peach, pear, tropical fruit. Best DOP: Greco di Tufo DOCG.
  • Greco Bianco: Calabrian variety; biotype of Malvasia di Lipari. Best DOP: Greco di Bianco DOC.
Grillo Crisp acidity. Aromas & flavors: Lemony, herbal; similar to Sauvignon Blanc. Best DOPs: Alcamo DOC, Contea di Sclafani DOC, Delia Nivolelli DOC, Monreale DOC. Crossing of Catarratto and Zibibbo.